More About Our Products
Ground Covers and Perennials
We have a large selection of Exotic and Indigenous Groundcovers and Perennials, all appropriate for our coastal climate and hardy.

Shrubs and Taller Perennials
We have a wide range of Exotic and Indigenous Perennials, all appropriate for our coastal climate.

Trees: Indigenous and Exotic
Come and see our good selection of Exotic and Indigenous Trees, all appropriate for our climate.

We have a good selection of Palm Trees, both for indoors and outdoors. We also have Palms for hire.

Come see our wide selection of quality colour seedlings in a tray and packets of seed. Stocks depend on seasons.

From Parsley to the more Exotic herbs we have a very good selection of herbs from Petersgate and other stockists (plants and seed)

For the 'Food Garden' we stock a wide range of vegetables in trays and seed packets.

Indigenous Plants
Stockist of a wide range of indigenous plants including trees, shrubs, cactis, succulents and groundcovers. Hop onto the indigenous band wagon and enjoy a buzz of wildlife activity.

Indoor Plants
We keep a large stock of indoor plants for the interior landscaping of houses, patios and offices. From small colour pot plants to larger focal point plants. We have it all!!

We have a large selection of granular chemical fertilizers, pellet organic foods and liquid plant foods.

Stockists of a wide variety of insecticides for indoors and outdoors, organic and inorganic.

Stockists of weed killers for lawn areas, tree and shrub killers and herbicides for paving.

Stockists of a variety of fungicides. We also sell rosecare which is an insecticide with fungicide.

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